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Spazzi Camere is project run by the Cooperativa Progetto Muret which is a socially oriented cooperative working with private and public bodies to organise and provide services for citizens suffering from psychiatric problems: the cooperative designs and organises projects for local communities and is involved in social planning. To learn more click here



Spazzi camere offers low cost high standard accommodation in town, a combination of a B&B with guest rooms and services as well as being an information point for temporary residents. There are 5 furnished rooms with en-suite bathrooms and a shared kitchen. There are has two lifts and two of the rooms are suitable for wheelchair users. Spazzi’s guest rooms (foresteria) are in Borgo San Paolo, one of the old neighbourhoods of Turin, strategically positioned to easily access many other parts of the city thanks its excellent public transport links. The rooms are on the 3rd floor of a former industrial plant which was completely refurbished in 2006: it also houses the offices of the Muret Cooperative and a Centre for the Study of Social Policies and Mental Health. Spazzi Camere is tailored to help guests enjoy their stay in comfort. There is also an art workshop led by Franco Ferrero, a conceptual artist, and by Marisa Coppino, an architect, jointly with a group of mental health sufferers. Each room has been furnished in a unique manner and inspired by a ‘fairy tale character’: Sleeping beauty, Lady D., Marilyn, Prince Charming and Topo Gigio, the big eared mouse. We are offering a space where guests can be accommodated. Useful information on how to find your way in the city can be obtained. .


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